The Leadership Forum

April 13, 2016

The Leadership Forum

At Associates in Professional Coaching, we have designed a program which has been well received and maximizes ROI for cost and time involved – without sacrificing results.  We call it an internal Leadership Forum. It allows the key stakeholder(s) to select personnel of similar rank, often from different departments, to participate. The best element of this program is that the key stakeholder works with the coach to design the topics for the forum and define the desired results. The coach/facilitator utilizes various material, assessments, and assignments that guide the interaction and discussion of the forum.  

The Leadership Forum format calls for: 

Here are examples of topics chosen by our clients:

Accountability and Feedback

Sticking Points

Executive Presence

5 Dysfunctions

Meeting Management &
Presentation Skills

Time Management


Work-Life Balance

Emotional Intelligence

Leadership Style

Crucial conversations

Conflict Management

Improving Follow-ship

Maximizers vs. Diminishers

We would love to speak with you about using the internal forum as part of your Leadership Development program. Do not wait until problems arise to begin. Your team will appreciate your investment in their professional growth and development.