Developing an Industry Leading Organization

Growing a High Trust Culture

Culture change in an organization can take a long time, research indicates approximately 10 years. It helps for individuals to understand the behaviors that build high trust within an organization like creating transparency, righting wrongs and delivering results. There is a powerful relationship between Speed and Trust inside organizational life. This program helps people understand their behaviors that impact relationship trust at work and work to create plans to grow that trust which enhances the culture at work.

Five Dysfunctions of a Team

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team (book and model by Patrick Lencioni) outlines the root causes of politics and dysfunction on the teams where you work, and the keys to overcoming them. Teams willing to dedicate themselves to building a cohesive team will experience the synergistic power and results only derived from maximizing human potential.  This program can assist teams functioning at all levels. 

Increasing Personal Productivity

Productivity has two parts: how well the organization communicates priorities and how well individuals use their time. Most approaches just focus on individual time management. APC's productivity presentations do both: he helps leaders and managers get clear on how to get their people focused while also helping individuals manage their time and deal with the overwhelming flood of email, technology, and information.

High level Wellness and Balance

There is existing research on the 15 Factors of High Level Wellness. This program is great for women’s initiatives within organizations who are working to support men and women who are juggling too much. Options for this program include a wellness appraisal. A few of the 15 Factors of High Level Wellness include Fulfilling Relationships, Contact with Nature, and Economic Essentials.

Developing a Coaching Culture from that of a Do It Yourself or Tell culture

Many organizations today are working to increase the bench strength of employees by shifting the culture from that of a “Do It Yourself” or “Tell” to a Coaching culture. Coaching staff can take more time, but the investment is well worth it. The engagement of employees increases as does their skill and development. This program can be customized from a half day to two full days depending on your needs and skill levels. Program includes hands on practice with coaching situations.

Critical Behavior Interviewing

Interviewing Candidates is a skill. Professionals must focus on the desired competencies rather than the gut feeling of “liking” a candidate. This day-long program includes the differentiation of traditional interviewing and behavioral interviewing. Legal Dos and Don’ts are also included based on EOCC guidelines as well as practice mock interviews. (Clients to provide detailed job descriptions and “practice candidates.”)

Proven Results

“We had the privilege of having Rod Ogilvie come and present to our team suggestions on managing change. Rod helped us understand how to deal with change and how our co-workers deals with changes differently. And, if we take the time to understand those differences, it allows for better communication, better results of changes desired and better experiences for everyone. Our staff stayed more positive as a result of understanding how their co-workers react to change.” Director of Training; Eddie Z’s/Three Day Blinds.

Some of Our Training Clients

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Bridgeview Bank Group


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3 Day Blindsl

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Industry Leading Organization

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Industry Leading Organization

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Without a doubt, Rod’s presentation allowed us to move forward with changes and continue to be a leader in our industry. -Bill Burns