Anger Management – Emotional Intelligence

September 04, 2016

Anger Management – Emotional Intelligence

Webster’s definition of Anger is: ”a strong feeling of displeasure and belligerence aroused by a real or supposed wrong.”  Anger is a normal, basic human emotion to express our negative feelings.  Everyone, at one time or another, experiences anger.

The real problem in the workplace occurs when Anger:

Today, with the increased attention to workplace safety, it has become an issue that Management and Human Resource professionals cannot ignore.

Anger is not a pathological disorder.  The way we express our Anger is a learned behavior and, as such, can be unlearned.  Through coaching and modification with practice, acceptable behaviors can be learned.  It is just like learning and then practicing a new set of skills.  The result: acceptable expressions of anger become the new behavior pattern.

The areas of APC’s coaching focus are:

  1. Understanding Anger: the physical and emotional triggers.
  2. Communication: appropriately expressing yourself and listening to others.
  3. Stress: how to develop a stress resistant personality.
  4. Emotional Intelligence: understanding our own emotions and recognizing their impact. EI Assessment ( EQ-I-2.0)

The Two Keys to success: Motivation to change & Practice, Practice, Practice

Associates in Professional Coaching has a team of Executive Coaches with Anger Management certification to help.  APC offers both individual and group programs…all customized to your needs.   Do not wait until problems escalate, your team will appreciate your investment in their professional growth and development.  

Tim Cullnan, AMS, MA