Conflict in the Workplace

Emotional Intelligence

Fifteen years of research has shown that leaders tend to score higher in Emotional Intelligence than the general population.  Making improvements in your Emotional Intelligence can have a positive effect on the relationships and productivity of those around you.  This program can focus on any number of the 15 traits identified in the categories of: Self-Perception, Self-Expression, Interpersonal, Decision Making and Stress Management.

Conflict Management in the Corporate Environment

Unresolved tension and conflict can quickly become infectious and negatively impact morale and relationships, lower productivity, derail careers, lead to legal problems and violence, and negatively impact the bottom line.  This program looks at the aspects of communication, anger management, stress management, relationship management and emotional intelligence.  Participants are often empowered by the gains in their own emotional awareness, increasing their options in stress management, and the improvement in their interpersonal relationships.

Proven Results

“We had the privilege of having Rod Ogilvie come and present to our team suggestions on managing change. Rod helped us understand how to deal with change and how our co-workers deals with changes differently. And, if we take the time to understand those differences, it allows for better communication, better results of changes desired and better experiences for everyone. Our staff stayed more positive as a result of understanding how their co-workers react to change.” Director of Training; Eddie Z’s/Three Day Blinds.

Some of Our Training Clients

Laurie Children’s Hospital

Bridgeview Bank Group


Edward-Elmhurst Health

3 Day Blindsl

More Clients

Our Team

Workplace Conflict

Haydn Shaw

Workplace Conflict

Peggy Leyden

Workplace Conflict

Rod Ogilvie

Workplace Conflict

Jonathan Limpert


Without a doubt, Rod’s presentation allowed us to move forward with changes and continue to be a leader in our industry. -Bill Burns